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What is cannabis?

Cannabis, or marijuana as it is more commonly known in the Western Hemisphere, is a plant-based substance which contains hundreds of known cannabinoids, the principal psychoactive component of which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The cannabis plant , Cannabis sativa, historically has been used as a fiber and grows in temperate and tropical areas and can be cultivated in controlled indoor environments.

It is one of the most widely consumed drugs throughout the world, and has been used in religious rites, for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, and recreationally.

Herbal cannabis (marijuana) consists of the dried flowering tops. Cannabis resin (hashish) is a compressed solid made from the resinous parts of the plant, and cannabis (hash) oil is a solvent extract of cannabis. Cannabis is almost always smoked, but it can also be consumed in edibles or developed into other extracts and tinctures for therapeutic use.

Cannabis, its derivatives, and THC are under international control. Almost all consumption of cannabis is done illicitly. Some therapeutic benefit as an analgesic has been claimed for cannabis, and dronabinol is a licensed medicine in some countries for some ailments.

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