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Annemie Serlippens
Annemie Serlippens, born on the 25th of April 1971 in Belgium, studied law at the University of Ghent and graduated, with distinction, in 1994. The last year of her Law Degree she participated in the Erasmus-project at the University of Thessalonica (Greece). This study was organised in English and French and on European Level. In October 1994 she started as a solicitor/barrister at the Bar of Ghent, and in January 1995 she became part time assistant (50%) at the University of Ghent, criminal law, in the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy. In 1997 she passed the nationwide test to be able to start judiciary training. In that respect she had a training of eighteen months at the Prosecutors Office in Ghent. Besides that she had the opportunity of having training within all of the judicial actors (police, Special Forces, prison, treatment centres...). In April 1999 she was nominated by the Minister of Justice as a public prosecutor at the office of the public prosecutor of Ghent. From august 1999 until February 2000 she worked as advisor of the Minister of Justice concerning illegal drugs and weapons. From February 2000 on, she is working in the Office of the public prosecutor of Ghent, in the Department of organized crime. She is the magistrate responsible for illegal drugs and author and magistrate responsible for the pilot project ‘Proefzorg’ (diversion of drug abusers on the level of the public prosecutor). Besides, she is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of murder cases.

Together with Jorn Dangreau, judge at the court in Ghent, she wrote a project about the problem solving courts for the High Council of Justice as to be able to visit the drug treatment courts in the United States and Canada. They got a grant and went in 2007 to New York, Washington, Vancouver and Toronto to study the drug treatment courts. Once returned in Belgium they tried to adapt the main principles of the DTC in the existing legal system and got the support of the Minister of Justice as to implement a DTC in the court of Ghent in 2008. Annemie Serlippens is responsible prosecutor for the Ghent DTC.

Due to this project, international interest raised for the Ghent approach. Annemie Serlippens was invited to different international conferences to participate (Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic - 2008), or to give a dissertation (Santiago – Chili – 2009 en 2012, Ghent – Belgium - 2009, Lugo – Spain - 2010, Washington – USA - 2010). Also she was invited as international expert to train judges and prosecutors in Paramaribo (Suriname - 2009), Tbilisi (Georgie - 2010) and San José (Costa Rica - 2011).

Apart from this Annemie Serlippens wrote several scientific articles (some of them in the field of drug legislation). She is also teacher in OPAC (Police Training Academy - Drug legislation, Drug policy and responsible teacher for the permanent training ‘Drugs in 3 dimensions’)

From 2007 on, she is also the press spokesperson of the office of the Public Prosecutor in Ghent. 

Contact: Annemie.Serlippens@just.fgov.be

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