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Jamey Hueston
She has presided as a judge for 20 years.  Previously, she worked in both public and private practice in the United States and in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Judge Hueston has been a member of various local and state boards relating to juveniles, drug courts and substance abuse, as well as numerous drug prevention and education task forces.  She is the founder and Chair of the Baltimore City Teen Court, Maryland Teen Court Association, and the Doctor/Lawyer/Teacher Partnership.  She also chaired the Baltimore City Public School Health Advisory Committee.  She founded and administered Court Watch, a court visitation/student education project and produced a drug education video with Maryland Public TV which is used in high schools throughout the country.  Judge Hueston authored Drug Enforcement and Community Anti-Drug Nuisance Abatement legislation.

Currently, Judge Hueston is the Vice-chair of The National Association of Drug Court Professionals and is a founding member.  She founded and chaired the Maryland Judicial Problem Solving Courts Committee for ten years and is also the founder and administers the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court. 

Judge Hueston has written lectured and consults extensively regarding problem solving and drug courts.  She serves on the faculty of the National Judicial College for over a decade and teaches throughout the country and internationally regarding a variety of topics including the effects of drug use and abuse, legal and court related issues, anti-terrorism, threat assessment constitutional, electronic surveillance and conspiracy laws, organizational and court management.

She has received awards in the Criminal Justice field including The Maryland State Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award for Special Achievement in Law-Related Education and Professional Legal Excellence Award for the Advancement of Unpopular Causes and numerous teaching awards.

Contact: Jamey.Hueston@courts.state.md.us

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