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Jesús Salazar Villegas
Dr. Jesús Salazar Villegas Salazar is a psychiatrist (UANL) and psychoanalyst (ARPAC) and also holds a Business Management certificate from IPADE.

His experience in the field derives mainly from his role as Head of the Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Department of the Ministry of Health in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, from 2003 to 2010. Previously, he was Director of the Psychiatric Hospital of the State of Nuevo Leon.

Besides holding these public offices Dr. Salazar has been Co-Chair of the Alliance of Border Coalitions Mexico-United States against addictions and Technical Secretary of the State Council against Addictions.

During his period in the Health Ministry, he implemented several successful state wide programs that included the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit (with a Mental Health emphasis) for inmates in the Penitentiary System of the State of Nuevo Leon, the Psychiatric Emergency Unit, the Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Unit in the Psychiatric Hospital of Nuevo Leon and the Drug Court Center and Treatment Program in the State of Nuevo Leon, the first and only working drug court in Mexico.

He is currently Managing Partner of Checkup Neuroacademico, SC, an enterprise that offers consulting services to plan, design and implement tailor-made programs aimed at reducing drug demand. With this goal in mind he established a strategic alliance with CAARR (California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources) to offer training and capacitation services to addiction treatment centers looking to obtain the necessary clinical competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) required by the Certifying Board of the State of California, USA, to obtain the CAS (Certified Addiction Specialist) certification. Checkup Neuroacademico has provided consulting services to several Mexican states, including Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua (Ciudad Juarez), Nuevo Leon, Zacatecas and Jalisco having benefited more than 400 people actively working in drug treatment programs, and almost 200 non-governmental addiction treatment centers.

Currently, Dr. Salazar is a consultant of the CICAD-OEA, offering high level workshops and professional exchange services in Costa Rica and Peru. His work is focused mainly at the project for institutional strengthening of the "Drug Courts of Americas Program: an alternative for drug dependent offenders".

His most recent publication: Serie Conadic 2012; "Los Servicios de Tratamiento del Abuso de Alcohol y Otras Drogas en los TTDs, TTAs y Drug Courts".

He has been the official Mexican delegation lecturer at the 7th and 8th Bi-national conferences US-Mexico for the reduction of Drug Demand (Monterrey, NL, Mx. 2009 and Washington, DC, USA. 2010) and at the 16th NADCP conference, (Boston, MA, USA. 2010).

Dr. Salazar is a professor of psychiatry and psychotherapy at various Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in the State of Nuevo Leon. And is a member of several Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis associations.

Contacto: jesus.salazarv@gmail.com

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