Joanne Capozzi


Joanne Capozzi
She was called to the bar in Ontario, Canada in 1988. She was engaged in defense work as duty counsel for Legal Aid Ontario in 1988. She joined the Downtown Toronto Crown Attorneys’ Office as an Assistant Crown Attorney in 1988.

She was engaged in prosecutorial work for 25 years, with extensive trial experience at all levels of court and extensive case management experience. She managed, supervised and mentored teams of Assistant Crown Attorneys. Moreover, she was dedicated, Lead Crown in Drug Treatment Court and Mental Health Court, two problem-solving courts located at Old City Hall Courthouse, Toronto, Ontario.

She was a lecturer and presenter at educational seminars dedicated to Drug Treatment Court and Mental Health Court practice and law, given for peer and stakeholder groups. And she is a member of Mental Health Court and Drug Treatment Court Committees tasked to review and seek practice improvements.

Contact: Joanne.Capozzi@ontario.ca

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