Jorn Dangreau


Jorn Dangreau
Jorn Dangreau, born on the 21 th of February 1969 in Belgium, studied law at the University of Ghent and graduated, with distinction, in 1992. After getting his Law Degree he participated a postgraduate Master study in Law and Economics. This study was organised on European Level. He had the opportunity to study at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Ghent (Belgium) and at New College in Oxford (Great-Brittain).

In October 1993 he started as a solicitor/barrister at the Bar of Bruges. In October 2000 he was nominated by the Minister of Justice as a judge in the court of first instance Ghent. In 2007 he adapted -together with Annemieke Serlippens, prosecutor at the court of Ghent- the main principles of the DTC in the existing Belgian legal system and they got the support of the Minister of Justice as to implement a DTC in the court of Ghent in May 2008.

Besides presiding the Ghent DTC, he is president of a chamber of three judges dealing with the more severe criminal cases. He went as a participant and speaker to different international conferences regarding DTC's {Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Santiago (Chile), Ghent (Belgium) and in Lugo (Spain)}. Together with Prosecutor Annemieke Serplippens he went on a mission as an external expert to Paramaribo (Suriname), Tbilisi (Georgia), San José (Costa Rica) and Santiago (Chile).

Jorn Dangreau had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Commission on Narcotics Drugs of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC, Vienna) in 2013. He is also member of the board of the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts (IADTC) and since 2012 he was elected to be a member of the High Council of Justice in Belgium.

Contact: jorn.dangreau@gmail.com

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