In June 2012 a workshop was held in Bridgetown, Barbados to “sensitize” government representatives, stakeholders, and the public to the idea of Drug Treatment Courts. Barbados signed the MOU and began to take the first steps to opening a pilot DTC in 2013.

December 2010
The Government of Barbados joined the DTC program for the Americas coordinated by ES/CICAD.


March 2012
The Attorney General of Barbados, together with the Chief Justice, a Judge, and a representative from the NCSA, participated in the Study Visit and Exchange Program for the Caribbean organized by ES/CICAD, and CADTCP. Toronto, Canada.


June 2012
The Government of Barbados hosted the CICAD DTC team along with experts for a “Sensitization Workshop” designed to present the model to judicial and health authorities and explore obstacles to implantation and their solutions.


March 2013
The Government of Barbados signed an MOU with CICAD formalizing their participation in the project and detailing the steps that would be taken during cooperation with CICAD to implement the DTC model.


April 2013
The Government of Barbados hosted the CICAD DTC team and experts for a Drug Treatment Court training workshop focusing on both general and specific aspects of DTCs and their implementation in a pilot project format.

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