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Dominican Republic

In 2011, the National Drug Commission of the Dominican Republic conducted a feasibility study in cooperation with CICAD. The study was discussed during a meeting in August 2011. In October 2011 the Supreme Court supported a future DTC pilot in Santo Domingo. An MOU with CICAD was signed in 2013. The first pilot project the Dominican Republic was launched in May of 2013 while plans are in place for a second pilot in the city of Santiago.

Currently The Dominican Republic is putting the finishing touches on the development of their DTC Procedures Manual and of their training regimen for treatment providers and social workers with the goal of opening their Treatment Under Judicial Supervision Program (As DTC is called in the Dominican  Republic) to participants on the 1st of November, 2013.

December 2010
The Dominican Republic government joins the Program of DTC in the Americas coordinated by the ES/CICAD.

April 2011
CICAD negotiates with CND about the terms of reference for the first draft of the feasibility study TTD model.

June 2011
The ES/CICAD meeting in Santo Domingo with the CND, as well as other institutions in the country, to strengthen the commitment and to detail an initial action plan.

July 2011
The ES/CICAD finances the participation of a Dominican Republic delegation (consisting of the two people who did the first draft of the feasibility study and a representative of the NDA) in an informative workshop on the DTC model held in Washington DC (OAS headquarters). Objective: Start the draft feasibility study. 

August 2011
The study draft is presented for a debate in the High-Level Workshop celebrated in Santo Domingo. Such study is funded by the ES/CICAD.  The ES/CICAD, CND and FUNGLODE organize a high-level workshop for dialogue and presentation of the first-draft of the feasibility study of the DTC model in Dominican Republic. It was attended by over 50 representatives of the various institutions involved in the process together with international panelists.

January 2012
ES/CICAD finances the participation of experts from the Dominican Republic and the country sends to participate in a workshop for evaluation and monitoring of the DTC.

May 2012
ES/CICAD finances the participation of experts from the Dominican Republic to participate in a study visit held in Nashville, TN, on the occasion of the celebration of the Annual Conference NADCP.

December 2012
The Government of the Dominican Republic signed an MOU with CICAD to formalize their participation in the Drug Treatment Court for the Americas Program and continue cooperation with CICAD to implement the project. During this period the Government of the Dominican Republic also participated  in the DTC Evaluation Workshop in Washington, DC, USA.

February 2013
The CICAD DTC team conducted a workshop in the Dominican Republic for judges.

March 2013
The DTC team, along with experts, presented a workshop for professionals including simulations of actual DTC cases.

May 2013
The ES-CICAD financed a delegation of experts to conduct specialized DTC training for the entire team, including DTC simulations of actual cases.

June 2013
The government of the Dominican Republic launched the first  Drug Treatment Program Judicial Supervision (as DTCs are known in the Dominican Republic) in Santo Domingo.

July 2013
SE-CICAD financed the participation of a delegation from the Dominican Republic (consisting of DTC professionals) in a High-Level Workshop on the Implementation of DTCs held in Washington DC (OAS headquarters) along with a study visit to the Annual NADCP Conference. This trip also included an observation of a Maryland, USA Drug Treatment Court.

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