In February 2011, more than 60
judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation and police officers, and treatment providers were trained in Montego Bay. This training was carried out by a Canadian team. St. Catherine and St. Ann, and one more parish will launch a pilot project in 2013/2014. Jamaica is finalizing the process of signing an MOU with OAS.

December 2010
The Government of Jamaica adhered to the DTC programme for the Americas coordinated by ES/CICAD.

February 2011
The NCDA, in cooperation with ES/CICAD, and the Judiciary, organized a DTC training in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The training was funded by ES/CICAD, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of CARICOM, the NCDA, and other institutions from Jamaica.

July 2011
The Chief Justice of Jamaica leads a delegation from Jamaica to participate in the NADCP Annual Conference (National Association of Drug Court Professionals), Washington D.C.

October 2011
ES/CICAD, in cooperation with the National Drug Council of Trinidad and Tobago, and, together with a team of Judges from the Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP), and some experts from the US and Jamaica, organized a Training Session in Port of Spain to train more than 50 professionals towards the creation of DTCs in the Caribbean.

November 2011
The Chief Justice of Jamaica presents the outcomes and importance of DTCs during CICAD 50 Regular Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

January 2012: ES/CICAD financed the participation of Jamaican experts in a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of DTCs.

March 2012
A complete team: from the health (treatment providers) and judicial fields (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys), as well as police officers and members from the national drug commission, participated in the Study Visit and Exchange Programme for the Caribbean organized by ES/CICAD, and CADTCP. Toronto, Canada.

March 2011 - July 2012
Sixteen monthly internal meetings were held in Jamaica to discuss this DTC expansion programme

September 2012 to April 2013
Several experts and professionals from the DTC system in Jamaica cooperated with CICAD in expanding the model to other OAS member states

May 2013
Meeting between SE-CICAD with Minister of Justice, Minister of Health, Chief Justice of Jamaica, as well as other Jamaica authorities to discuss final details about this MOU prior to signature. Justice Kofi Barnes from the Ontario Supreme Court of Canada also attended.

August 2013
Jamaica signed MOU with CICAD to begin partnership working towards the expansion of DTCs to new parishes.

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