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Trinidad and Tobago

On September 11th 2012, Trinidad launched the first pilot project in San Fernando. This comes exactly 1 year after T&T stated their intention to open a DTC within that period. A policy paper has been drafted by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Plans are currently being laid to open another adult DTC in the city of Tunapuna with discussions of Juvenile DTC in the capital, Port of Spain.

December 2010
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago adhered to the DTC program for the Americas coordinated by ES/CICAD.

February 2011
The NDC, in cooperation with ES/CICAD, organized a team of judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, and treatment providers, to attend a DTC training in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The training is funded by ES/CICAD, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of CARICOM.

July 2011
The Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago leads a delegation from Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the NADCP Annual Conference (National Association of Drug Court Professionals), Washington D.C.

October 2011
In cooperation with the OAS Office in Trinidad and Tobago, NDC and ES/CICAD, together with a team of Judges from the Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP), and some experts from the US and Jamaica, organized a Training Session in Port of Spain to train more than 50 professionals towards the creation of DTCs in the country.

January 2012
ES/CICAD financed the participation of Trinidad and Tobago experts in a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of DTCs.

March 2012
A complete team: from the health (treatment providers) and judicial fields (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys), as well as police officers and members from the national drug commission, participated in the Study Visit and Exchange Program for the Caribbean organized by ES/CICAD, and CADTCP. Toronto, Canada.

September 2012
Launch of San Fernando Drug Treatment Court Pilot Project

October 2012
GAP Analysis of treatment centers conducted by CICAD experts

December 2012
Study visit to Miami Drug Treatment Court, Treatment Centers, and Miami Juvenile Drug Treatment Court.

Participation in DTC Evaluation Workshop for the Development of Indicators

February 2013
CICAD DTC team and experts travelled to Port of Spain to conduct a training workshop for Judges and Probation officers regarding Treatment issues, new approaches in DTCs and Juvenile DTCs.

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