Kofi N. Barnes
Mr. Justice Kofi N. Barnes was appointed as a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court on February 8, 2013. At the time of his appointment Justice Barnes was a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice. In 1998, he worked closely with the Honourable Mr. Justice Paul Bentley to establish Canada`s first Drug Treatment Court and became the first prosecutor in Canada to work in a Drug Treatment Court... Read More

Juez Rogelio Flores
El señor Juez Rogelio Flores de la Corte Superior comenzó sus actividades judiciales en enero de 1987 como el primer comisionado de corte del Tribunal Municipal del Condado de Santa Bárbara. En 1997, fue designado al tribunal municipal y en 1998 fue elevado a la Corte Superior del Condado de Santa Bárbara. Se graduó en derecho en la Facultad de Derecho de la UCLA, en 1979.... Leer Más

Alberto Amiot Rodríguez
Magistrado del 2° Juzgado de Garantía de Santiago, Chile. Juez a cargo del Tribunal de Tratamiento de Drogas de dicho Tribunal y Juez Visitante de la CICAD OEA. Miembro de la Comisión Interinstitucional de Tribunal de Tratamiento de Drogas. Miembro de diversas comisiones interinstitucionales para la producción de proyectos legislativos en materia de... Read More

Jamey Hueston
She has presided as a judge for 20 years. Previously, she worked in both public and private practice in the United States and in Guadalajara, Mexico. Judge Hueston has been a member of various local and state boards relating to juveniles, drug courts and substance abuse, as well as numerous drug prevention and education task forces.... Read More

Magistrate Michael S. King
Magistrate Michael S. King is a magistrate of the Magistrates Court of Western Australia currently based at Armadale in the south eastern metropolitan area of Perth. He served as Perth Drug Court Magistrate from 2005 until 2007. He the author of the Solution-Focused Judging Bench Book, co-author of Non-Adversarial Justice and author of numerous articles on therapeutic jurisprudence,... Read More

Jorn Dangreau
Born on the 21 th of February 1969 in Belgium, studied law at the University of Ghent and graduated, with distinction, in 1992. After getting his Law Degree he participated a postgraduate Master study in Law and Economics. This study was organised on European Level. He had the opportunity to study at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Ghent (Belgium)... Read More

Stephane Jackson-Haisley
Her Honor Mrs. Stephane Jackson-Haisley has been a Resident Magistrate at the Corporate Area Criminal Resident Magistrate’s Court in Jamaica since October 2007. She was previously a prosecutor at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions where she held the position of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions and was responsible for... Read More

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