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Compendium of Legislation on Drugs and Drug-Related Activity

Program “Updating and improving legal frameworks on drugs – Legislation on Drugs in the Americas (LEDA)

According to the Plan of Action of the Hemispheric Drug Strategy (2010), the Executive Secretariat is mandated to publish and maintain member states’ legal norms relating to drugs. This up to date compilation of legislation on drugs throughout the hemisphere fulfills this mandate.

NOTE: CICAD’s Compendium of Legislation on Drugs and Drug-Related Activity is compiled with the use of publicly available data from legal databases around the world. The accuracy of information found here may vary by country. Any updates or revisions in laws should be brought to CICAD's attention.  Additionally, all legal documents are in their original language and have not been translated.  Official and original versions of texts are made available here; however, this is not always possible given certain limitations with legibility and the quality of the originally scanned document. 

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