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Asset Management Systems - publication


Asset Management Systems in Latin America and Best Practices Document on Management of Seized and Forfeited Assets (Bilingual Edition - Spanish and English)

  1. Acknowledgements - by Nelson Mena, Coordinator of CICAD's Anti-Money Laundering Section.
  2. Prologue - by Rafael Franzini Batlle, Assistant Executive Secretary of CICAD
  3. Asset Management Systems in Latin America: Special reference to the evolution of the legal definition of forfeiture and asset recovery entities - by Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero
    1. Introduction. international recommendations on the management of seized assets
    2. Administrative entities
    3. The need to establish an integrated entity
    4. Special Reference to European Union Legislation: Decision 2007/845/JAI of the Council of December 6, 2007, on cooperation among asset recovery entities in member states in the framework of follow up and identification of the proceeds of criminal activity or of other assets connected to crimes
    5. Forfeited assets management systems
    6. Final Disposal of forfeited assets
    7. International cooperation
    8. Distribution of assets among states
    9. Appendix: The forfeiture of assets of criminal origin in the European Union: non-conviction based forfeiture and extended forfeiture
    10. Bibliography: 41 references
    11. Relevant legislation in Latin America
  4. Best practices document on management of seized and forfeited assets - drafted by the Expert Group on the Control of Money Laundering and adopted by the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
    • CHAPTER I: Asset Investigation and Precautionary Measures
    • CHAPTER II: Seized and Forfeited Asset Management
    • CHAPTER III: Loss of the Products or Instruments of the Crime
    • CHAPTER IV: Special Provisions on Seized and Forfeited Assets Administration
    • CHAPTER V: Disposition of Forfeited Assets
  5. Model regulations concerning laundering offenses connected to illicit drug trafficking and other serious offenses - drafted by the Expert Group on the Control of Money Laundering and adopted by the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission

175 pages, PDF, 23.7 mb.


Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero: Professor of Penal Law, University of Alicante (Spain); Deputy Secretary General, International Association of Penal Law. Also wrote the Asset Management Systems in Latin America study.

Book presentation at CICAD 50, Buenos Aires

  • Professor Blanco's presentation (PDF, 317 kb).
  • Nelson Mena's presentation (PDF, 115 kb).

At the 50th regular session of CICAD in Buenos Aires in November 2011,
the publication was presented to the Commission.

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