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CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering

Combate del lavado de activos - publication


Combate del lavado de activos desde el sistema judicial, Third Edition. Washington, DC: Organization of American States, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Inter-American Development Bank, 2007. 

  1. "Typologies and Logic of Money Laundering" by Dr. Eduardo Fabián Caparrós.
  2. "Criminalization of Money Laundering: Substantive Aspects, Principles and International Recommendations" by Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero.
  3. "Evidentiary Aspects and Investigation Techniques in Money Laundering Trails: Preventive and Custodial Measures, International Recommendations" by Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragosa Aguado.
  4. "International Judicial Cooperation in the Fight against Money Laundering" by Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragosa Aguado.

PDF, 3.9 mb, 631 pages (Only available in Spanish).


The first edition was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, the second edition by Uruguay (2003) and the third edition (2007) by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The collection came together from the participation of the three authors as instructors in CICAD's money laundering capacity building efforts. At the time, there was an absence of appropriate literature on jurisprudence regarding money laundering cases, especially in light of the multiple laws and case history in Latin America as well as the dynamic changes in international conventions. It also reflected the need to provide a more thorough framework of legal analysis when money laundering cases were becoming increasing complex and  far-reaching.

The text is currently used in CICAD training activities, including mock trials and investigations, and a course on special investigative techniques.


Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero, Professor of Penal Law, University of Alicante (Spain); Deputy Secretary General, International Association of Penal Law. Also wrote the Asset Management Systems in Latin America study.
Cover art of second edition, 2003
Dr. Eduardo Fabián Caparrós, Professor of Penal Law, University of Salamanca (Spain)  
Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragosa Aguado, Chief Prosecutor of the Special Anti-drug Prosecutor's Office of the Audiencia Nacional of Spain  

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