CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering


CICAD: Anti-money Laundering



Prosecuting Money Laundering Cases

Combate del lavado de activos desde el sistema judicial, Third Edition. Washington, DC: Organization of American States, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Inter-American Development Bank, 2007.

  1. "Typologies and Logic of Money Laundering" by Dr. Eduardo Fabián Caparrós.
  2. "Criminalization of Money Laundering: Substantive Aspects, Principles and International Recommendations" by Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero.
  3. "Evidentiary Aspects and Investigation Techniques in Money Laundering Trails: Preventive and Custodial Measures, International Recommendations" by Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragosa Aguado.
  4. "International Judicial Cooperation in the Fight against Money Laundering" by Dr. Javier Alberto Zaragosa Aguado.


PDF, 3.9 mb, 631 pages (Only available in Spanish). More information.

Project BIDAL

Asset Management Systems in Latin America and Best Practices Document on Management of Seized and Forfeited Assets (Bilingual Edition - Spanish and English)

  1. "Asset Management Systems in Latin America: Special reference to the evolution of the legal definition of forfeiture and asset recovery entities" - by Dr. Isidoro Blanco Cordero.
  2. "Best practices document on management of seized and forfeited assets" - drafted by the Expert Group on the Control of Money Laundering and adopted by CICAD.
  3. "Model regulations concerning laundering offenses connected to illicit drug trafficking and other serious offenses" - drafted by the Expert Group on the Control of Money Laundering and adopted by CICAD.

175 pages, PDF, 23.7 mb.  More information.

Other publications

"NPOs and Terrorism in Latin America and the Caribbean: Legal Framework, Red Flags and Case Studies" (PDF, 420 kb, 11 pages). Originally published by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in the OSCE CTN Electronic Journal - Preventing the Abuse of Non-Profit Organizations for Terrorist Financing, June 2011.


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