CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction

Visit to the IHADFA Drug Treatment Centers


On 16-20 March 2015, DR/CICAD participated in a mission lead by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the US Department of State to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The overall objective of the mission was to familiarize INL and CICAD with the work of the Instituto Hondureño para la Prevención del Alcoholismo, Drogadicción y Farmacodependencia (IHADFA)   by visiting drug treatment centers, juvenile detention centers, and meeting with PROCCER Program beneficiaries.

At IHADFA offices in Tegucigalpa, Thomas Browne (INL), Alexandra Hill (CICAD), and Georgia Karuntzos met with IHADFA General Director Dr. Oscar Gómez, OAS Representative Lic. Claudia Barrientos, IHADFA Board Member Dr. Amanda Madrid, IHADFA Staff Doctors Lenin Fu and Carlos Sosa, IHADFA Technical Staff Lic. Erick Juárez, and PROCCER Program Local Coordinator Irma Romero. During this meeting a general description of IHADFA operations was presented to INL and CICAD/OAS, as well as outlines of its current and future projects.


The mission also visited Project Victoria, one of the oldest, largest drug treatment centers in Honduras. During this site visit, the mission met with Project Victoria Founder Reverend Mario Fumero and General Director Lic. Rosa Aguilera to tour the facility and meet with adolescents in treatment for drugs or gang involvement.

Browne, Hill, and Karuntzos attended another meeting at the offices of Dirección Nacional para la Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia to learn about the newly created DINAF (2014) and how it assumed the responsibilities of the Instituto Hondureño para la Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia (INHFA), especially in relation to the supervision of 4 juvenile detention centers.

In San Pedro Sula, the mission visited the Ministerio Hogar de Jesús Drug Treatment Center, which gave a presentation on the actual impact of the civil war, forcing a majority of youth to join gangs. Mission representatives spoke with the juveniles, learning that post-rehabilitation educational opportunities are essential for obtaining work or starting a business and building a gang-free life. The mission also visited the Ministerio Vida Drug Treatment Center, where several rehabilitated adolescents decided to continue working in the treatment center. Additionally, the mission delegation visited the El Carmen Juvenile Detention Center, supervised by the American Red Point Association (ARPO), where approximately 90 adolescents and youth are detained for infractions with the law. Finally, the mission visited the San Pedro Sula Victoria Project to meet with adults in treatment.

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