CICAD: Inter-American Observatory on Drugs (OID)


The Inter-American Observatory on Drugs (OID) was created in 2000 as the statistics, information and research branch of CICAD.


Our mission is to help promote and build a drug information network for the Americas that offers objective, reliable, up-to-date and comparative information so that member states can better understand, design and implement policies and programs to confront the drug phenomenon in all its dimensions.


The Observatory supports hemispheric policy and cooperation by examining the crucial nexus of supply and demand within the hemisphere and vis-à-vis other regions of the world. It has the potential to serve as an early warning system on the appearance of new drugs, new methods of using and manufacturing drugs, and changing trafficking patterns. 


The OID provides the underpinnings for the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) indicators and for national anti-drug efforts by:

  1. helping countries improve the collection and analysis of drug-related data;
  2. promoting the establishment of national drug observatories and the use of standardized data systems and methodologies; and
  3. providing scientific and technical training for and the exchange of experiences among professionals working on the drug problem.
OID Staff Directory
Francisco Cumsille Chief (202) 370-4711 E-mail address
Marya Hynes Specialist, Research / Costs / REDLA / Drug Information Networks - Central America (202) 370-4530 E-mail address
Pernell Clarke Specialist, Research & Information - Caribbean (202) 370-5494 E-mail address
Juan Carlos Araneda Coordinator, Smart Programme (UNODC) (202) 370-4746 E-mail address
Maria Teresa Demarco Project Assistant, Central America (202) 370-5417 E-mail address  
Daniela Westphal Administrative Assistant (202) 370-4915 E-mail address

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