CICAD: Inter-American Observatory on Drugs (OID)

Coordinator Training Workshop 2009, Jamaica


Training Workshop for National Coordinators of Drug Information Networks

Drug Information Network Project Coordinator Training Workshop
Inter-American Observatory on Drugs - OID / CICAD
Kingston, Jamaica, October 29-30, 2009

Coordinator Training Workshop Agenda

List of Participants


Country Presentations

Brief description of drug situation and national agencies responsible for aspects of drug control and prevention:

Workshop Materials

Drug Information Network Project- Pernell Clarke

Structure and Function of GRENDIN  – Dave Alexander

Network Meetings and the Interpretation of Data  – Dr. Jim Hall

Drug Information Networks in the USA  – Dr. Jim Hall

Jamaica Drug Information Network – Dr. Ellen Grizzle

Grendin Fact Sheet – Dave Alexander

Grendin Statistical Report – Dave Alexander

USA Drug trends from NIDA CEWG  – Dr. Jim Hall

Broward Briefings; Contaminated Cocaine – Dr. Jim Hall

Templates and other Resources

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