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Meeting of Caribbean Observatories on Drugs

Drug Use by School Students:
Can We Learn from the Data and Improve Drug Use Prevention?
The State of Drug Observatories in the Region
Drug Information Networks

Roseau, Dominica

August 4-6, 2009

This biennial meeting, organized on the OAS/CICAD and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, brought together practitioners from the Caribbean region to discuss the latest research in the region on drug use. Participants discussed the policy recommendations for the region in light of results of new surveys and other studies as well as recent activities in the region.

The main theme was  drug use in the secondary school population and one of the aims was to develop recommendations on how to improve the approach to drug use prevention and to determine the best practices that can be applied. In addition, the meeting looked at the state of drug observatories in the region and the usefulness of drug information networks.

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

Opening Remarks by James Mack

First day presentations

Second day presentations

Third Day presentations

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