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NIDA has reissued its Program Announcements (PAs) soliciting collaborative research proposals between investigators from domestic U.S. institutions and researchers in other countries.

II  Andean Epidemiological Study on Drug Consumption in the University Population, carried out with the framework of the PRADICAN Project of the Andean Community, executed by OID/CICAD with funds of the European Community: Regional ├é┬áReport (PDF, 2,9 mb, only available in Spanish) and country reports: Perú , Ecuador, Colombia, y Bolivia.

Report on Drug Use in the Americas, 2011. Online version  (841 kb, PDF, 103 pages). More information.

Current situation of drug use in the Hemisphere and Future Challenges, 2011 (Francisco Cumsille's presentation at CICAD 50, PDF)

Status of Drug Use in the Western Hemisphere in 2009: Major Challenges (Summary - PDF)

Trend Analysis


Caribbean Observatories and Drug Information Networks (DIN)

Ibero-American Observatories and Drug Information Networks


OID's Marya Hynes speaks at the 2010 International Forum in Scotsdale, Arizona where she explains how the REDLA network works.

NIDA International Program

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and its International Program each year organizes an international forum that foster international cooperative research and the exchange of scientific information by drug abuse researchers across the globe. OID specialists and colleagues from partner organizations have participated in practically every year. The next meetings is June 14-17, 2013 in San Diego, California.

Latin American Network Boosts Scientific Exchange, December 23, 2012.

  • "Developing National Drug Information Systems: An International Perspective," Marya Hynes, CICAD  (2012)
  • "Building a Drug Use Information System in Developing Countries: Impact on Policy and Lessons Learned," Marya Hynes, CICAD (2010)
  • "Inhalant use among South American Students A Public Health Problem Under Our Noses" Marya Hynes, CICAD, with  Helena Barros Taunhauser; Pedro Mateu Gelabert; Jorge Delva (2009)
  • "La Red Latinoamericana de Investigadores en Drogas (REDLA)," Marya Hynes, CICAD (2008)
  • "Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission," Pernell Clarke and Marya Hynes, CICAD (2006)

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