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The November 2011 meeting of REDLA at CICAD in Washington, DC.

The REDLA (Red Latinamericano de Investigaciones en Drogas) network is a group of academic researchers who share an interest in developing research on the drug problem and whose geographic focus and arena is Latin America. Our mission is to reduce the social burden of drugs through scientific research.

The REDLA network was created through a joint effort between the Organization of American States, through their Inter-American Drug Control Commission (CICAD) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), with the collaboration of the National Hispanic Science Network on Drugs (NHSN). The REDLA network is comprised of academic researchers from a variety of institutions in Latin America, and includes permanent liaisons to the national observatories within the national drug commissions in the hemisphere.

This network focuses on research examining cross-national issues on drug abuse in South America. In addition, REDLA is responsible for launching national drug information and monitoring networks in Colombia and Argentina, and expects to develop similar national networks in each of the participating countries, especially Central America. This type of network is well established in the Untied States where the Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) set up nearly 20 local networks for tracking drug use trends (see the artcile on Community-Based Surveillance of Drug Use).



NIDA has reissued its Program Announcements (PAs) soliciting collaborative research proposals between investigators from domestic U.S. institutions and researchers in other countries.


Book Chapters

Bares, C.B., Delva, J., Hynes, M., & Sanchez, N. (2012). Adolescent tobacco use in the Americas: The link with depression and anxiety (pp. 199-220). In V. Olisah (Ed.), Essential Notes in Psychiatry. InTech Pubs. Open source manuscript. Available online. PDF, 236 kb, 22 pages.


Matías Fernández H. "El costo socioeconómico del consumo de drogas ilícitas en Chile," Revista CEPAL 107, August 2012. (PDF, 192 kb, 22 pages - only in Spanish)

Abstracts of Published REDLA research

Cocaine Use among High School Students in Six South American Countries by Marya Hynes, M.H.S., Hector Suarez Lic., Francisco Cumsille. Dr.Ph. Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatria, vol. 39, Suplemento 2010

Age at Onset of Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Problematic Alcohol and Psychoactive Substance Use in Adulthood in the General Population in Colombia by Augusto Pérez Gómez and Orlando Scoppetta Díaz-Granados. The Journal of International Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Research 2011, Vol. 1, No. 1, 19–24  (Full text)

Perception of Risk and Drug Use: An Exploratory Analysis of Explanatory Factors in Six Latin American Countries by Julio Bejarano, Graciela Ahumada, Gerardo Sanchez, Nora Cadenas, Maria de Marco, Marya Hynes and Francisco Cumsille. The Journal of International Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Research,  2011,  Vol. 1, No. 1, 9–17 (Full text)

Volatile Substance Misuse Among High School Students in South America by Marya Hynes, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Helena Maria Taunhauser Barros and Jorge Delva.  Substance Use and Misuse, 46:27–34, 2011

The Sequence of Drug Use: Testing the Gateway Hypothesis in Latin by Eduardo Valenzuela and Matías Fernández. The Journal of International Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Research, 2011, Vol.1, No.1, 1-8  (Full text)

The meeting in 2011 generated lots of discussion on the documents presented.

Presentations of the 2010 Meeting

Heroin Consumption and the HIV Epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean by Rafael Mazín, HIV/STD Unit, PAHO/WHO

Drug Use in Latin America and the Caribbean by Marya Hynes

Evidence-based Prevention and Treatment Options for Emerging Heroin Use in a Public Health Framework by Benedikt Fischer, Ph.D. (May 2010)

El Sistema Interamericana de Datos Uniformes sobre el Consumo (SIDUC): Monitoreo de Drogas en la CICAD by Marya Hynes

El Consumo de Drogas en las Américas: Implicaciones para la política pública by Marya Hynes

El Programa de Investigación del Observatorio Interamericano sobre Drogas by Marya Hynes

Project - Indicator: Drug-related Deaths (DRD) in OAS Member States by OID staff


Previous REDLA Meetings

November 2011 Proceedings (8 pp., 55 kb)

June 2008 Proceedings (56 pp, 1.3 mb,)

REDLA Network Identifies Worrisome Trends in Drug Use across Latin America (meeting of 2008)


For more information, please contact Marya Hynes, coordinator of the program at CICAD at E-mail address


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