CICAD: Demand Reduction, EU-LAC


CICAD: Demand Reduction, EU-LAC


CICAD: Demand Reduction, EU-LAC

Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug-Dependent Offenders



Anticipated actions and activities

Action 1  Assessment to be conducted in each participating city (if applicable)
Activity 1.1. Completion of an assessment form to be developed by CICAD
Action 2 Exchange visits to study the applicability of different models to their own jurisdiction
Activity 2.1 Comparison of different models
Activity 2.2 Exchange visits
Action 3 Development of a strategic plan
Activity 3.1. Generation of indicators to evaluate effectiveness of the different models
Activity 3.2. Drafting of a strategic plan of action
Action 4 Implementation of a pilot
Activity 4.1. Implementation of the pilot
Activity 4.2 Evaluation of the implementation of a pilot
Action 5 Evaluation and Report
Activity 5.1 Presentation of results at the Lugo city forum
Activity 5.2 Final Report of Activities
EU-LAC Drug Treatment City Partnerships is an initiative funded by the European Commission, and coordinated by the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), Secretary for Multidimensional Security of the Organization of the American States (OAS). The content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the position of the EU or the OAS.

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