CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction

Demand Reduction Expert Group



The purpose of the Group of Experts on Demand Reduction is to provide technical expertise, facilitate cooperation among countries, and submit recommendations to the Commission on implementing the lines of action that derive from the  Hemispheric Strategy on Drugs.

The Group is made up of national experts in different aspects of demand reduction, and hence the experts may vary with the subject considered.

The priority subjects of demand reduction are:

  1. Performance of a diagnosis of drug use, epidemiological studies, systems of information (such as SIDUC) and of surveillance and monitoring, and bio-medical, clinical, psychosocial, epidemiological, ethnographic and anthropological research.

  2. Prevention and education models and programs involving community participation, designed both for the population at large and for specific groups at special risk of becoming users.

  3. Models and programs of intervention to address the adverse health and social consequences of drug abuse.

  4. Measures for the treatment and rehabilitation of persons addicted and their reintegration- into the community.

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