CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction

V Meeting


This meeting was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Wilbur Grimson, Secretary of Programming and Coordination for the Prevention of Drug Dependence and the Control of Drug Trafficking (SEDRONAR) of Argentina. These experts, brought together from countries across the hemisphere, examined a variety of subjects pertinent to demand reduction today in the region, such as the creation of a national drug treatment system, methods of school and community-based prevention, and treatment programs for prisoners, among other topics (please see links to presentations below). The experts elaborated recommendations which were presented before CICAD, at its 34th Regular Session, as well as before the OAS General Assembly. Recommendations and more are available in the Final Report (pdf).

* Please note: The presentations and documents linked below are the exclusive property of each author (i.e. presenter), and their unmodified reproduction or distribution for educational, non-profit purposes is encouraged if and only if reference is made to the author-presenter.
  • Update from the CICAD Executive Secretariat on activities since the fourth meeting of the expert group in Jamaica. (CICAD/DREX/doc.15/03)
    María Eugenia Pérez-Madrigal, for the CICAD Executive Secretariat, Presentation
  • Organization of a comprehensive national drug treatment system: a proposal. (CICAD/DREX/doc.03/03) 
    Luis Alfonzo, Psychiatric Doctor, National Commission against Illicit Drug Use of Venenzuela, CONACUID, Presentation // Executive Summary // Practical Guide
  • Demand for Treatment Indicator: the work of the European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addictions, EMCDDA (CICAD/DREX/doc.14/03)
    Linda Montanari, EMCDDA, Presentation
  • School-based drug abuse prevention: Presentation on Costa Rica's school-based prevention program "Learning to Value Myself." (CICAD/DREX/doc.13/03)
    Dr. Giselle Amador, Technical Area Coordinator, Costa Rican Institute on Alcoholism and the Addictions (IAFA), Presentation  
  • CICAD's Project to Introduce substance abuse prevention into the curriculum of 15 nursing schools in Central and South America. (CICAD/DREX/doc.09/03)
    • Dr. Gloria Wright, for the CICAD Executive Secretariat, Presentation
    • Dr. Derma Fassi de Grenat, Director, National University of Cordoba Nursing School, Córdoba, Argentina; with Dr. Margarita Abdala de Tómas, Vice-Director, National University of Cordoba Nursing School, Córdoba, Argentina, Presentation
    • Dr. Teresa Micozzi, National University of Rosario Nursing School, Rosario, Argentina, Presentation
  • Practical aspects of implementing policies and programs for the prevention of the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances in the workplace. (CICAD/DREX/doc.12/03)
    Guillermo Castaño, Ph.D., Luis Amigó University Foundation, Medellín, Colombia, Presentation
  • Skills for adolescence -- a substance abuse prevention program. (CICAD/DREX/doc.10/03)
    Mike Buscemi, Senior Youth Advisor to the Lions Club International Foundation. Ohio, U.S.A., Presentation     Website: http://lions-quest.org/
  • Alternatives to custodial sentencing for young offenders: the experience in Belize. (CICAD/DREX/doc.10/03)
    Ornel Brooks, Executive Director. National Drug Abuse Control Council, NDACC, Presentation
  • Treatment programs for drug-abusing prisoners: current practices and recommended approaches. (CICAD/DREX/doc.04/03)
    Dr. David Deitch, University of California at San Diego, Presentation
  • Socialization and change: a Journey through Crime, Drugs, and Recovery. (CICAD/DREX/doc. 05/03)
    Dr. David Deitch, University of California at San Diego, Presentation
  • Creation of social prevention programs at the national level. (CICAD/DREX/doc.16/03)
    Héctor Shalom, Youth Action Centers, Argentina, Presentation


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