CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction


CICAD: Demand Reduction

VII Meeting


Evaluation of Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

This meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Ms. Beth Pieterson, Director General of the Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme of Health Canada, on the topic of Evaluation of Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Programs. The experts considered existing evaluation experiences in the Americas, and then, through working groups, reviewed a draft logic model and appropriate performance indicators for use in prevention evaluation in OAS Member States.

Meeting Agenda

Agenda (pdf)

Final Report

Technical Documents
NOTE: The following documents should be reviewed by all experts PRIOR to the meeting
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Dissemination of the CICAD Hemispheric Guidelines on School-based Prevention

Introduction to Evaluation of Substance Use and Abuse Prevention

What we know about evaluating substance abuse prevention programs: Challenges and best practices in the Americas.

Presentations and Panel Discussion: Strategies for conducting prevention evaluations of youth programs in the Americas, considering budget, human resources, and other concerns.

Developing a Logic Model for the Evaluation of Youth Substance Use and Abuse Prevention Programs

The Identification of Performance Indicators for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Programs and their relationship to the Logic Model.

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