CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction

Supply Reduction


Illicit drug production and narcotrafficking are steadily on the rise in the Americas and, in spite of enormous efforts and resources devoted by OAS member states in supply reduction, drug markets appear to be expanding.  These growing markets include plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin; synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine, new psychoactive substances (NPS), fentanyl, and its analogues; as well as precursor chemicals which are diverted from licit distribution channels to produce illicit drugs.

The mission of the Supply Reduction Unit (CICAD/SRU) is to increase the capacity of OAS member states to counter the production and trafficking of illicit drugs and reduce their availability.  Relying on a multidimensional, comprehensive, and evidence-based approach, CICAD supports OAS member states to strengthen their capacities to effectively disrupt the production, trafficking, and distribution of illicit drugs in the region.

Through its Counterdrug Capacity Building Program, in place since 2000, the CICAD/SRU has become a leading point of reference in four programmatic areas: i. counterdrug intelligence training for the control of narcotrafficking; ii. control of precursor chemicals, synthetic drugs, and NPS; iii. counterdrug maritime cooperation and port narcotrafficking control; and iv. gender mainstreaming in law enforcement agencies.

Aerial Drug Trafficking

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