CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction

Expert Groups


As required, the CICAD Commission calls on Member States to nominate experts to meet and address specific problems or to identify and respond to new trends, threats or problems. In the process the expert groups identify and develop resources, tools, guides and other reference materials. These tools or resources are made available for use by Member States as suits their needs to respond to these challenges. These materials are prepared and offered to Member States as resource materials or best practices. Member States are under no obligation to use these resources or implement the provisions or suggestions that they contain. They may use or draw on any portion of a given resource tool that suits their needs.

The expert groups that CICAD has established regarding supply reduction include the following:

The reports of the meetings of these expert groups and the resource materials are available.

The Expert Group on Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products met in Lima, Peru  in August 2014

In 2009, the Commission decided to merge the two expert groups on Chemical Substances and Pharmaceutical Products into a single group.


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