CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction


CICAD: Supply Reduction

Maritime Narcotrafficking


Documents - Expert Group


Cartagena, Colombia - September 2015


Cartagena, Colombia - September 2014




Documents include the final reports of each meeting, as approved by the CICAD Commission. In addition, the expert group identifies and develops resources, tools, guides and other reference materials. These tools or resources are made available for use by Member States as suit their needs to respond to these challenges. These materials are prepared and offered to Member States as resource materials or best practices. Member States are under no obligation to use these resources or implement the provisions or suggestions that they contain -- in other words, they are non-binding. They may use or draw on any portion of a given resource tool that suits their needs.

All documents are in PDF format.

Final Reports

Reference material and guides


Model Legislation





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